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The Best Children’s Book For An LGBT Family


The Best Children’s Book For An LGBT Family


LGBTQ Children’s Literature

lgbt childrens books

You probably already know the importance of reading to your child. Not only does it help with language development, but it also sparks a child’s imagination, stimulate curiosity and help with brain development. While there are classic favorites every child should read, there are also special books related to LGBT themes that help children of LGBT parents better understand their family dynamics. These sorts of books feature special messages about LGBT families and will teach them how diverse the world and their family are. For children who don’t come from traditional families will be able to find their own families in these stories, thus being able to relate better to their family and the world. Here are some of the best LGBT children’s books that all families will delight in:

  1. “Daddy, Dada, And Me / Mommy, Mamma, And Me” – Leslea Newman & Carol Thompson

A short and simple book, these two children’s books doesn’t just teach children how their family is different, but includes them in the story as natural as can be. It’s just like any other children’s book about mommy and daddy, except the two parental figures are of the same sex. Reading this to a child will make them see how normal their family dynamics are even though the world may tell them otherwise!

  1. “And Tango makes Three: – Justin Richardson & Peter Parnell

This adorable story is both educational and real! Not only does it tell a story about two male penguins protecting an egg until it hatches, but it’s based on a true story. Two male penguins actually got together at New York’s Central Zoo and raised an egg together.

  1. “The Great Big Book Of Families” – Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith

Children will see all types of families in this wonderful book that demonstrates there are numerous ways to be a family! The book features families of all sizes, races and sexualities, allowing them to learn about their family and others.

  1. “Worm Loves Worm” – J.J. Austrian

Love can come in all sorts of forms and that’s what this book shows children, as two worms want to be married, but they don’t fit into traditional wedding customs. Then all their bug friends help them plan their wedding, accepting the Worms’ decisions when it comes to their marriage.


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