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Sexual tension between gay guys (Some useful tips)

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Sexual tension between gay guys (Some useful tips)


Gays sexual tension

Not all friendships between gay men are calm. Sexual tension is part of human behavior and considering that we’re men, it’s be a part of our daily lives. I can’t help it. Taking a look at crotches and smiling at the person pressing his cart next if you ask me at Trader Joe’s is becoming my favorite overdue, but unfortunately most gay guys out there can’t take the hint.

Why is it so many guys today never give themselves the benefit of the question when it comes to sexual stress? Whenever a man is clearly examining them out, they’re quick to say “Oh that’s just his personality” or “Oh there’s no chance he discovers me sexually attractive.”

Listen here honey, if a man appears like he’s into you, smells like he’s into you, speaks like he’s into you, guess what, he could be into you later tonight if you play your cards right and stop doubting the sincerity of his come-ons. To save lots of you from the dilemma, I’m offering you my favorite hints to spot intimate tension. Use them wisely:

The Infamous Scan

We all know this rule. A man looks up at you from his publication, appears over his shoulder as he’s walking away, helps to keep his eye you over the heads of party-goers, has eye-tennis with you at the coffee shop, or watches you from the next you enter the restaurant to when you leave. He inspects your lips, your chest, your hair, your crotch. This is the number one intimate sign of body language, but sadly most of us neglect to view it when it’s there.

He’s looking into the goods. He’s flirting. He’s sniffing you out like the animal he is. Answer his call, normally he’s just windowpane shopping – and that’s above the belt. You want to get below the belt.


Often times when we’re sense intimate tension with someone, it can get a little uncomfortable. We don’t learn how to show our curiosity about him either because we’re too insecure we’d be declined or we’re too self-conscious to reduce our cool. The result can be stammering of what, backing away slowly (sometimes gently tripping over yourself) or fiddling with items, i.e. pens, pencils, papers, napkin holders, beverages.

Don’t mistake these fidgets as being unpleasant or being standoffish. Sometimes it’s because he’s just nervous at flirting – we’ve all been there. Let him get the fidgeting out of his system. Once it’s over, it’ll be much more easier.

Everyone Around YOU FEEL C*ck-Blockers

Why is it every time you begin feeling a guy, people unconsciously interrupt as soon as? The simple truth is most of them don’t realize they’re carrying it out. It’s all in your head. Experienced there been no intimate tension to begin with, there would be nothing to “interrupt,” right? The actual fact that you see other folks interrupting the disposition proves the strain is there.

Unless a person is jealous, seeking to keep both of you away from one another, or is flat-out oblivious, there’s no reason why they’d be considered a c*ck block. Whenever someone becomes that this means you don’t want as soon as to end. Perhaps you should take him to a part where no one can bother you and finish off that convo – c*ckblock free.

Silent Pauses

Silent untamed pauses are a sign of tension – whether it’s intimate or not is the question. If you’ve been engaging with a sweet guy who’s showing obvious signals he’s looking into the goods, it’s likely that silent pauses might suggest he’s quickly trying to think about what to say without seeming too extreme about his intimate attraction in your direction.

By enough time silent pauses get into the picture, it’ll oftimes be clear that you’re into one another – unless you interpret it another way. They can mean many different things, but tension will always the main of it. What you should do is try to feel the magnetic connection – are you pulling him into you? Deflecting him away? Or is he pulling you into him? Deflecting you away? Smell it out.

Random Switches Of Conversation

When you’re feeling someone’s chemistry, it can be an extreme thing just what exactly most people do is quickly change the subject towards ridiculous off-hand things merely to detract you from seeing their eyes getting a glance of your crotch.

“Oh, they switched the light bulbs in here,” “I really like this music,” “Did you find the place okay?” “Is your task hard?” “There’s so many people here.” The topics can go off into other-worldly tangents of unimportant things. But if you capture them before they go too far, you might be able to bring him back to earth – where you’re standing up.

Heart & Breath Changes

Sexual tension is merely that – tense. This is why many of us are too worried to feel it, creating a little of anxiety. But if you control it, this anxiety turns into a thrilling body surge that only fuels the moment. Rapid pulse and shortness of breathing are destined to surface at the beginning simply because you’re nervous, and that’s alright. Welcome it. It’s fabulous.

The Body Might Freeze

There’s an instant you understand that the sexual pressure is mutual (which is towards the start) and it’s typical for individuals to stop deceased in their monitors to begin analyzing the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a great number of gay guys out there who can keep their cool without batting an eyelash – they are most likely the ones who are used to being outward using their sexual tension and enjoy it. But there are many others who get just a little stressed, leading to themselves to freeze in place trying never to make a fool of themselves. At these times it’s best to take it slow. The very last thing you want one to do is become a vegetable.


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